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Software characteristics

Features of professional software released by this website

1、Highly intelligent software

The software released by this website aims to greatly improve the working efficiency of workers and reduce labor intensity, and strives for the prosperity and development of science and technology. These software are highly intelligent software, not only to achieve professional technology, but to replace human work process. To put it simply, let the computer take the place of human work and labor. Everything that the computer can do is left to the computer to do, freeing workers from complex logical thinking and heavy physical labor, and making it a relaxed and happy job.

Use the following two examples to briefly describe the intelligent aspects of software:

(1)、For example, for the software Total Station Random Network Survey, its background intelligent system (also known as background virtual robot) has countless solutions that can handle almost any form of complex network (including intersection graphics), and the accuracy control subsystem can ensure the quality of results. Therefore, in the field operation, more stations are set up in the convenient places for observation, and less or no stations are set up in the difficult places, as long as one point is known: the number of observations at each unknown point is not less than 2 (for example, the coordinates and elevations of the target can be obtained by observing the same target at any two different locations), but the number of observations at unknown points as control points should be as large as 2. Therefore, the use of this software system will bring ease and convenience to field work.

(2)、Another example is the software system of Standard Contour Line, which is a digital topographic map without ground objects. As long as users submit coordinate data files, they will directly generate digital topographic maps, which include: planned curves, first curves, interval curves, specific elevation contours, elevation points reserved according to national regulations, elevation annotation of planned curves, drawing of positive and negative geomorphic slope lines, kilometer grid drawing, drawing of survey area map frames, building three-dimensional terrain DTMs, etc., all of which do not require users to draw a stroke.

2、internet+Software use

The software released by this website is an Internet+The attempt of "" has the characteristics of no client, that is, users do not need to consider the installation, debugging, uninstallation, maintenance, upgrade, problem discovery and handling of these software and their related large-scale support software, supporting software, etc. There is no trouble in these aspects. They can only use the computer and mobile phone online, which is very convenient. In addition, problems will be solved and upgraded in a timely manner. There is no need to wait for a long version upgrade.

3、Simple operation

Because the software released by this network is intelligent, almost everything that a computer can do has been handed over to a computer, and its operation steps have been optimized to the minimum, with simple user operation and few steps. Users only need to submit data files to get all kinds of required results. All settings have been optimized in accordance with national standards and people's usual work habits. Users can directly use the default settings, but they are also allowed to change some options.

The results are all Word files, Excel files, text files, image files, etc., which can be directly used as the work results, and generally do not need to be modified, and are sufficient for users to choose to use in their work.

4、Keep user system clean

No software waste will be generated in the user's computer during use, and the user's system will be kept clean.

5、Profession suitable for use

Including users of surveying and mapping and related disciplines involving ground and spatial coordinates.

6、Do not save user data

Unless the user specially informs us in writing, we will not retain all the data file information and achievement information submitted by the user. We only retain the user's email, mobile phone number and other personal information related to login.





(1)、比如《全站仪任意网测量 》软件,其后台智能化系统(也可称为后台虚拟机器人)有数不清的解决方案几乎可以处理任何形式的复杂网(包括交会图形),精度控制子系统能够保证成果质量。因此,在外业作业时,方便到达的地方多设站观测,困难的地方少设站甚至不设站,只要掌握一点:即对每一个未知点的观测值数不小于2即可(例如,在任何两个不同位置对同一个目标进行观测,就能得到该目标的坐标和高程),但作为控制点的未知点观测值数应尽可能大于2。因此,采用本软件系统会给外业工作带来轻松和方便。



本网所发布的软件具有无客户端的特点,即用户不需要考虑这些软件及其有关的大型支持软件、配套软件的安装、调试、卸载、维护、升级、问题发现与处理等等,不存在这些方面的困扰,只需要电脑、手机上网即可在线使用,非常省心。 并且会发现问题及时处理并及时升级,不需要等待漫长的版本升级问题。