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“Contact development "function question and answer

The customer asked: How do I use the "Contact Development" function?

Administrator: It's easy to use. You can talk with an administrator by selecting him in the "User List" window on the left. If the window on the left is empty, it indicates that the administrator has not been online, and you need to be patient. Or you can leave a message on the main interface.

Note: Your own speech is displayed in bold, while the administrator's speech is in regular font. Also, the statements just submitted by both sides are also bold. You can click the administrator icon on the left to refresh, and the administrator's statements will become regular.

If the administrator icon in the left window is red, it means that you were not present when the administrator sent you a message. At this time, you click the red icon to refresh the message.

That's all. There's nothing else to pay attention to.

The customer asked: Can I talk to other users?

The administrator replied: No. Users and administrators are single line contact and business communication, and one user has all administrators online(But in most cases, it is one or two),One administrator has multiple users. Because it is not a forum, users cannot talk to each other, but can only talk to the network administrator(Including developers)Communicate using this function.

The customer asked: What kind of software do you mainly develop?

Administrator A: At present, it is mainly engaged in professional work software related to surveying and mapping, including relevant Word programs, AutoCAD work orders, etc. What software do you need or want to develop? Please communicate with us and tell us your ideas. We will develop professional work software suitable for you according to your work habits, so as to improve your work efficiency, reduce labor intensity and the logical thinking of complex troubles, and make your work a simple and easy work.

The customer asked: Do you do the measurement for us?

Administrator A: We can help you complete some tasks and free up a lot of time for you to do more meaningful work. Specific information can be further communicated, usually through email.

The customer asked: What kind of software does professional work software mean? Can you give an example?

The administrator replied: OK. For example, the insertion and editing of Word documents for photos and video materials can design a Word program, which is similar to Word macro instructions, and can greatly improve the work efficiency and the quality of results. It is dozens of times faster or even higher than manually inserting images one by one through a large number of mouse and keyboard operations, and it is standard and beautiful. If you manually operate the mouse and keyboard to insert, trim, zoom, and shift each image, insert four images on each A4 page and arrange them according to the required format, and there are labels under each image, etc. For more than 10000 images, the workload will be unbearable and tiring, and it may take at least 10 days to complete this task. With a macro command program, the above operations of the image can be easily and automatically implemented. After the program is written, run the program. You can go out and run for about 20 minutes. When you return to work, the program has completed your work. Your task is only to browse and check or you may need to modify a little.

Two more simple examples:
One is to draw a straight line on the dwg electronic topographic map with the mouse, and the section map along the straight line is drawn immediately. You only need to add your own things, such as text description, stratum boundary, etc.
The other is that the total station actually measured the profile in the field(For example, dam site design profile),After the field work, as long as the total station observation data is transferred to the computer, the profile drawing is completed immediately, and the intermediate manual work process will be completed automatically without manual work.

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管理员答:目前主要是从事测绘专业相关的 测绘专业工作软件,还包括有关的Word程序、AutoCAD工作命令等。您需要或想要开发什么软件,请与我们沟通,把您的想法告诉我们,我们会根据您的工作习惯开发出适合您的专业工作软件,以提高您的工作效率、减轻劳动强度以及复杂苦恼的逻辑思维,使得您的工作变成一种轻松愉快的简单劳动。