Introduction to the software of surveying and mapping angle conversion calculation tool

Software and hardware environment for running the software system:

The software system is divided into network version and stand-alone version.

1,Network version

It is also divided into Internet version and LAN version. The Internet version is suitable for anyone to use online at any place, and the LAN version is suitable for companies and units.

The user does not need to install the network version of the software, but only needs to browse online.

The Internet version of this software system is suitable for a variety of mainstream browsers, preferably equivalent to IE10.0Above version. Computers, mobile phones, virtual machines and total stations can be operated and used online without installation or uninstallation.

2,Stand-alone version

The stand-alone version is suitable for single computers and virtual machines.

Requires Intel i3 CPUOr above, minimum 2G memory hardware configuration, Windows 7 or above operating system(32Both 64-bit and 64-bit)。The installation and uninstallation are simple and clear, and the uninstallation is complete without leaving traces.

1 summary

Angle conversion is quite widespread in surveying and mapping work, geological, geophysical and astronomical work. For example, the coordinate system adopted in GPS is generally the 1984 geodetic coordinate system, which is longitude and latitude coordinates and is in degrees. Some devices are“:”Representing degrees, minutes and seconds, such as 25 ° 38 ′ 26.5″,Often expressed as 25:38:26.5。In our daily work, we often use ° '″ to represent the angle, because it looks intuitive. In some data files, most of the angles expressed in real numbers are used, for example, the above angles are expressed in real numbers 25.38265。In angle calculation, the unit is radian or degree. There are also angles indicated by other separators, such as semicolons and commas, according to work convenience. Such as this, it is no problem to convert a few angles manually or with a calculator, but it is difficult and time-consuming to convert thousands or more angles. Therefore, this software system is developed to meet the needs of conversion between various angles.

This software system unifies and transforms several angle formats commonly used in surveying and mapping work to meet the needs of various work. In addition, you can add, subtract, and multiply angles with infinite terms. The software system is developed with intelligent thinking, which makes the user's operation process simple and easy to complete the work task. Therefore, there are not many problems to be considered by users in the process of operation. Users only need to look at a few simple control elements on the main interface to basically operate. The operation process is simple and clear. That is, open the data file→Execute a command→Get the conversion result. Among them, the command refers to selecting a function in the function selection drop-down box and immediately executing it to give the result.

Users of this software must be surveying and mapping professionals, or personnel related to surveying and mapping technology, or other personnel with corresponding technical qualifications.

2 Stand-alone operation

1,Introduction to main interface

After running this program, the main interface will be displayed:

Users can directly enter the original data in the left window, but it is generally appropriate to "import" the data text file.

Users can directly copy the result data into other documents to paste the data, or save it as a text file.

Click“<<<”You can use the converted results as input data to continue the conversion of other angle formats until you want the results.

“The function selection window contains the following selectable functions:

Enlarged representation of function selection:

The "?" in the upper right corner is the program instructions. Click "?" to pop up:

“The decimal places reserved in "Result Data" are preset to 1 to 20 decimal places. You can also customize more decimal places reserved.

2,Operation steps

Run the software;

Enter data or "import" data text file in the "original data" window on the left;

Select a function in the "Select Function" window and get the result in the "Result Data" window on the right. You can copy the data or save it as a text file.

Select or customize the number of decimal places to keep in the "Decimal Places" window at the lower right corner. Users can change the number of decimal places at any time. For example, after the user chooses to retain 2 decimal places, it is found that 3 decimal places should be retained. At this time, the user can also choose to retain 3 decimal places again, because the complete decimal part is hidden. However, when the user saves the file, the decimal part is only saved to 3 digits, and the hidden decimal part behind it will not be saved.

The "infinite operation" in the last two functions means that there is no limit to the number of items participating in the operation. For example, it can be the addition and subtraction of any angle and the multiplication of angle multiples.

3 Example of angle conversion

Import geodetic coordinates:

(1)“degree.Convert the "minute second" format to a group of other four formats

Select decimal place 2 in the lower right corner of the form:

Visible, second to 2 decimal places:

(2)“°′″”Format to other four formats

(3)“degree:branch:Second "format to other four formats

(4)“Convert the "degree" format to a group of other four formats

(4)“"Radian" format to other four formats

3 Example of angle operation

(1)“Infinite operation of angle addition and subtraction "example

23°33′21.5″+23°33′21.5″ The result is: 47 ° 06 ′ 43.00000035994″

23°33′21.5″-23°33′21.5″ The result is: 0°00′00.00000036000″

(2)“An example of "angle addition and subtraction multiplication infinite operation"

23.33215+23.33215-[2]*23.33215 The result is: 0°00′00.00000036000″

Examples of more complex mixed operations in arbitrary data formats:

23°33′21.5″+23.33215-23:33:21.5+[2]* 23.33215-23°33′21.5″-[2]* 23.33215


The result is: 0 ° 00 ′ 00.00000036021″,The computer error not considered is 0 ° 00 ′ 00 ″.

It can be seen that the above computer errors should be ignored and the calculation results are correct.

4 Network version operation

4.1 Registration and login

Enter the user name and password, click "Login", and you can start to use when prompted that the login is successful.

Note: If you have not registered, please register first and then log in.

The main interface of the software directory after successful login is:

Before uploading a file, users need to click the "Browse" button to browse to the file to be uploaded, select it and open it. At this time, the full path of the file to be uploaded will be displayed in the text box on the left side of the browse button. As shown in the figure below:

4.2 Operation example

Click Submit to get the angle conversion results page:

Click the "Conversion Result" hyperlink:

Click the "log file" hyperlink:


If the software finds problems during operation, it will be automatically recorded in the "User Log File" to help users find problems and find problems.

The operation results of other functions are similar. In order to avoid duplication of content, just take this example.










需要Intel i3 CPU或以上,最低2G内存硬件配置,Windows7以上版本操作系统(32位和64位均可)。安装卸载简单明了,并且卸载彻底,不留痕迹。

1 概述




2 单机版操作
















3 角度转换的例子









3 角度运算的例子


23°33′21.5″+23°33′21.5″ 结果为:47°06′43.00000035994″

23°33′21.5″-23°33′21.5″ 结果为: 0°00′00.00000036000″


23.33215+23.33215-[2]*23.33215 结果为: 0°00′00.00000036000″


23°33′21.5″+23.33215-23:33:21.5+[2]* 23.33215-23°33′21.5″-[2]* 23.33215




4 网络版操作

4.1 注册与登录





4.2 操作例子







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