《Total station arbitrary network measurement V1.0》Introduction to software system

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1 Software and hardware environment for running the software

The software is divided into network version and stand-alone version.

1,Network version

It is also divided into Internet version and LAN version. The Internet version is suitable for anyone to use online at any place, and the LAN version is suitable for companies and units.

The Internet version of this software is suitable for a variety of mainstream browsers, preferably equivalent to IE10.0Above version. Computers, mobile phones, virtual machines and total stations can be operated and used online without installation or uninstallation. Large computer screen, easy to operate, recommended.

2,Stand-alone version

It is also divided into browser version and form version. Suitable for single computer, total station and virtual machine.

The use of virtual machines is mainly suitable for units and individuals with higher security level.

There are many types of total stations, and the data file format is not uniform. You can write a conversion program in high-level program language to convert it into the unified data file format of the software.

The software is currently ready to be released on the Internet, and other versions will not be released temporarily.

2 summary

《Total Station Arbitrary Network Survey(Referred to as arbitrary network)The software system regards the field fixed-point survey of total station as a network. The simplest network is a survey station traverse composed of two known points and one desired point, and the complex network is unlimited.

This software is suitable for the adjustment of horizontal control networks of the first, second, third, fourth and lower grades, including the adjustment of control networks with known conditions, the adjustment of rank defect networks, the adjustment of quasi-stable networks, robust estimation, ridge estimation, estimation, compensation projection deformation and gross error processing. At the same time, the adjustment calculation of triangular elevation network is also carried out. It can meet all kinds of intersections, wires, locks and nets(Including angle measuring network, side measuring network, corner measuring network, traverse network, etc),Typical graphics and some special and difficult work of measuring fixed points.

In addition to adjustment calculation, the software will automatically complete a lot of work. All the things that computers can do are left to computers to do, so as to reduce the user's labor burden and improve work efficiency.

Unified and concise observation data file format(Can be a text file or a Word table or an Excel table),No matter how complex the control network is, the data file format is uniform, which only contains the necessary observation data and known data, and does not require user calculation and statistical data.

This software allows mixed observation of any observation set with half observation set, one observation set and multiple observation sets at the same station, and also allows no observation in some directions within the observation set to meet the needs of fixed points with different accuracy.

With this software, the field work can be controlled and measured at the same time, and the field work that needs to be done at one station can be completed. It is not necessary to control first and then observe separately, so as to reduce repetitive work.

After the user submits the data file, the result can be obtained in about ten seconds under normal network conditions. After a series of calculation and processing, the system pushes various results web pages to users, combines pictures and text, and automatically generates various results reports. Users only need to browse, print, copy, and download. This software has good data confidentiality.

If there is gross error in observation, the software will detect the specific range of observation values that may carry gross error.

This software allows known points in the control network to be invisible to each other. Any dispersion between known conditions is allowed, that is, they are not adjacent to each other, independent of each other, independent of each other, etc.

In this software, the number of approximate estimates is 3. The maximum number of adjustment iterations is 20. The maximum absolute value of the iterative unknowns correction value is less than 0 in the field.0001mThe iteration is completed normally, otherwise a prompt will be given.

One of the display features of this software is to strive for high automation and intelligence of the working process.

This software is suitable for production, scientific research and teaching.

3 What users need to do

(1)Users only need to sort out the observation data files and strive for a successful submission.

(2)Users only need to master at least 2 independent plane observation conditions for each unknown point. This can be called basic observation conditions. However, the entire control network needs a certain number of redundant observation conditions to achieve the purpose of adjustment. For example, the intersection of an unknown point must have at least one redundant observation condition. The number of redundant observation conditions shall be appropriately determined according to the accuracy requirements of the control network, the requirements of technical documents, the actual use, the importance and other factors.

(3)Operation steps: set up → option →Submit data file → Browse Results(See the main page introduction and example video of peace and difference for various achievements)。

For the adjustment projects below the fourth grade, most of them can use the default settings. At this time, you only need to submit data files to get all the results.

(4)Error checking. Although the software can automatically detect a large number of errors and feed back to the user to modify the data file, the user should actively check and eliminate all errors in the data file and strive to submit successfully at one time. The automatic check of the software is used as the final supplementary check to help users find hidden errors.

4 Work that users don't need to care about

Except for the "work that users need to do", they are all work that users do not need to care about. For example, users do not need to care about how to calculate the coordinate elevation, the number, order, mutual relationship and quantity of triangles and points, edges and corners, the connection direction and order of traverse points, the type of network and the complexity of the network, etc. Background robot function of the software(artificial intelligence)These tasks will be completed automatically, but not limited to these tasks, which will not be listed here. In short, the software is responsible for handling the complex logic in the control network.

We are still making continuous efforts to make users work less and bear less and less burden. Create an easy and fast working environment for users.

5 application prospect

This software can be widely used in the survey points, adjustment calculation, deformation monitoring, etc. in the planning, survey, engineering design and construction stages. It can also be applied to other important fields. Able to locate distant targets(Distant refers to the farthest target observed with telescopic equipment)。This software system has potential applications. If the total station is used to work with GPS, the software system will play a greater and more important role.

In particular, the software can observe targets that are unreachable, difficult to reach, or costly to reach to obtain accurate coordinates and elevations. And it is more suitable for projects with other equipment for fixed-point, difficult network construction and high cost. More importantly, the software system realizes the high automation and intelligence of the work process, so as to greatly reduce the input of human resources and the labor intensity of staff.

For a specific large and medium-sized engineering project, if the work plan layout is properly designed by using this software system, the number of survey professionals can be greatly reduced, and the production tasks related to planning survey, design and long-term construction observation can be completed in a high speed and efficiency.

This software can solve problems that are difficult to solve with traditional methods. For example, there are huge obstacles or even intervisibility obstacles(Such as the separation of large rivers, the blocking of high mountains, etc)The target is accurately observed and located at the least cost.

This software system is not limited to the above applications.

This software is suitable for existing and future observation schemes.

The existing control network observation schemes include various existing intersections, various traverse networks, angle measuring networks, side measuring networks, side angle networks, various control networks and typical graphs, as well as various schemes mentioned in the overview. The future observation scheme is creative to solve some special technical problems. This is the characteristic of arbitrary network.

Some arbitrary networks may be complex in form, but it will shorten the actual working hours of staff, reduce labor intensity, and reduce production costs.

The purpose of constructing arbitrary network is to save time and effort, and also meet the overall accuracy and quality requirements. More complex arbitrary networks are often constructed in exchange for easier design and practical work, more cost saving and total resource consumption. Its complex logic is entrusted to the software system to complete analysis, judgment, data processing and push results to users. No matter how complex an arbitrary network is, the form of its observation data file is unified and concise. Users need to further understand the above in practical applications.

Because the arbitrary network is generated according to the will of people, it does not need to spend too much energy, but only needs to master the plane independent observation conditions for each unknown point, which is not less than 2, and at the same time meets the requirements specified in the technical documents(Such as the necessary number of observation sets, the objectives that must be observed, the requirements specified in the specifications, etc)Yes. In addition, for important engineering parts, in order to further improve the accuracy and reliability, several independent observation conditions that can be easily obtained can be appropriately added on the basis of the basic observation conditions. However, for general survey areas, it is sufficient to include a certain number of inspection conditions on the basis of basic observation conditions, such as multiple rear view traverse.

As for the easily obtained observation values, for example, it is easy to observe the direction of the target with obvious signs, and then record the readings after aiming at the target. Therefore, any target that is easy to aim at the observation direction should be observed as much as possible, because the direction observation is easy to obtain high-quality observation values, that is, precisely aim at the target and press the record key. As long as these goals can play a good control role, they can be fully utilized. However, for observation values that are difficult to obtain, it is generally not recommended to make redundant observations unless the basic observation conditions and technical document requirements are met. Adding redundant independent observation conditions should follow the principle of "easy first, then difficult". After the number of observation values obtained for the easily observed targets has met the requirements of control network accuracy and reliability, the targets with high observation costs will not be considered.

Adding independent observation conditions is obvious for improving the accuracy of the whole network, but too many redundant observations are a waste. You can test run the software several times during the work of the control network. By viewing the log file, you can understand the current work situation, grasp the work progress, and avoid excessive redundant observation, so as to avoid wasting personnel and resources.

6 The scope of instruments and equipment involved in the term "total station"

At present, the main measuring instrument for establishing angle and distance measurement control network and fixed points is total station. However, the "total station" referred to in this software is the unified name of such instruments and equipment. It mainly includes theodolite, distance measuring instrument, combined theodolite distance measuring instrument, total station and new angle measuring and distance measuring instruments and equipment in the future. All instruments and equipment with the function of angle measurement and distance measurement are applicable to the software system. The unified observation data files obtained by using these instruments and equipment can be submitted to the software system for the same processing.



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3 用户需要做的工作



(3)操作步骤: 设置 → 选项 →提交数据文件 → 浏览成果(各种成果项参见主要页面介绍和平差例子录像)。



4 用户不需要关心的工作



5 应用前景













6 关于“全站仪”一词所涉及的仪器设备范围


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